Aqualine are now able to offer a huge range of ‘off the shelf’ modular steam rooms from Finland’s finest sauna and steam experts Harvia. These steam rooms come in various shapes and sizes and are pre-cut ready to be easily installed. Each steam room in the Harvia modular Steam Room range is made from 60mm Extruded Polystyrene boards (XPS). These boards are not only waterproof themselves but have a polymer concrete layer on each side for added strength and durability.

Not all steam rooms were created equal. Some of our competitors over complicate and under engineer their steam rooms by using a wooden frame and 20mm XPS boards, which whilst saving themselves money, also leaves their customers with a poorly insulated, less durable steam room which requires a lot more electricity to heat. Don’t compromise on quality, stick with tried and tested Harvia Modular Steam Rooms! These rooms are easy and quick to assemble for any decent carpenter or DIY enthusiast alike. Check out this video from Harvia to see how to assemble your new steam room!

harvia steam rooms