Do you suffer from depression and mood imbalances? Recent studies on the Far Infrared Heat therapy have show significant benefits to people suffering with these symptoms. Those of us who live in locations where sunlight isn’t a year round commodity know how much the sun’s energy and lack thereof, affects ones moods. The associated symptoms have been attributed to a lack of light, but today scientists are realizing that other aspects of the sun’s electromagnetic wavelength might be just as beneficial.

Endorphins have long been attributed to mood and the body’s ability to fight depression. Athletes are very familiar with endorphins because they are what give them the workout “high” or uplifting mood swing one experiences when partaking in physical exercise. They also know the lows or depression that can follow when the body is deprived of exercise. When the body undergoes physical strain the brain releases endorphins in large quantities. These endorphins are carried throughout the body through the blood stream where they stay for hours providing an uplifted mood and happier outlook. Far Infrared heat therapy has been documented to boost the body’s endorphins just as if it were exercising. When meditation is added to the sauna session the body can achieve many other documented health benefits, including mental wellbeing, fighting depression and maintaining a healthy physical and mental balance.

One recent study at the Kagoshima University Hospital in Japan observed twenty-eight mildly depressed patients with general fatigue,  appetite loss, and somatic and mental complaints were randomly assigned to a thermal therapy group  or non-thermal therapy group.

Patients in the thermal therapy group were treated in a Far Infrared ray dry sauna for 15 minutes at a temperature of 60°C and were then kept at bed rest with a blanket for 30 minutes once a day, 5 days a week for a total of 20 sessions in 4 weeks.

The results of the study demonstrated a significant improvement in patients suffering from somatic, hunger and relaxation complaints. Mental complaints also slightly improved in the thermal therapy group compared to the non-thermal therapy group. A significant increase in calorie intake was also witnessed in the thermal therapy.

If you suffer from depression or are affected by low light levels then sauna therapy using one of our Far Infrared Saunas could aid your recovery.

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