SolarWith awareness of wellness and health growing in popularity over recent years many people are looking for ways that they can incorporate a wellness facility, such as a sauna, into their home.

If an off the shelf solution will suffice then you’re all set but what if you require something more original? Bespoke saunas can be expensive but if you possess the skills to build a sauna yourself it can be a more cost effect and rewarding solution.

If you’re quite handy when it comes to DIY then you might find you already have the skill set needed. Building a sauna or converting a room into one might seem like a daunting experience but it’s easier than you think.

To assist those interested in such a project we’re putting together a guide that will be released on a monthly basis and cover all aspects from the planning to the finished product.

This specific guide will focus on the construction of a traditional sauna rather than one of the infrared saunas. While it is possible to build your own infrared sauna this can be difficult due to a lack of products on the market. We will cover the construction of an infrared sauna or conversion of an existing unit in a later guide.

All the products used in this guide are available from us or other retailers. If you have any questions you can always contact us for advice.