To people diagnosed with arthritis, and the millions already suffering from arthritis pain, the fact that there is no cure is heartbreaking. It’s hard to be a productive, positive person when simply getting out of bed in the morning is a painful experience. If there can be no cure, then arthritis sufferers want to know, can you give me some pain relief?

Anyone who has ever taken a warm shower has felt how heat relieves pain and helps to relax tense muscles. Due to their nature Infrared saunas provide this same almost instantaneous pain relief over the entire body. In turn this allows arthritis relief in every affected joint and also relaxes tense ligaments and tendons.

Arthritis causes joint inflammation which often restricts blood flow and the heat from an infrared sauna dramatically enhances circulation to the joints.  This increased circulation provides the transportation needed to help evacuate the oedema, which can help stop inflammation, decrease pain and help healing.

Recent case studies in Sweden have shown that patients with patients with rheumatoid arthritis show good tolerance, short-term improvement of pain and stiffness, and a trend towards long-term beneficial effects. To add to this a clinical trial in Japan reported the successful solution in seven out of seven cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis treated with whole-body infrared therapy and sauna treatment.