We have recently received a video testimonial from one of our customers based in the south of France. It’s always nice to hear good things about our products and even better if we have images and videos to share. Thank you John and Dana!

Reviews are an important part of showing people how good a product is and definitely help potential buyers to better understand what they are about to invest in. There is no better reviewer than a customer who has used a product and is fully aware of its features and benefits.

We are often asked if a certain sauna would compliment or just ‘look right’ with certain decor. If any of our customers wish to contribute it would be fantastic to see some images of your sauna set ups; or even a video if you’re feeling as confident as John and Dana. We are grateful for all the feedback we receive.

You can view the video testimonial at the bottom of this article and head over to ourtestimonials page to see what other customers had to say about a SaunaMed infrared sauna.