With the cold weather firmly upon us and no sign of a reprieve just yet, now is the perfect time to use your sauna to help stave off the seasonal cold and flu.
Scientists have recently confirmed the age-old notion that hot liquids can relieve cold and flu symptoms. But what about a dose of heat on a much larger scale say, in a sauna?

With temperatures of 55 Celsius or greater; infrared saunas have been recommended for arthritis, asthma and chronic fatigue amongst other ailments. Some reputed benefits have not been examined, but there is strong evidence that saunas help speed recovery from the common cold and flu as well as reducing their occurrence.

Some researchers suspect sauna heat reduces symptoms because it improves drainage, while others speculate that the high temperatures help weaken cold and flu viruses. Why this might prevent sickness in the first place, however, is unclear but research suggests a positive effect.

In a study by Austrian researchers a group of 50 adults were split into two groups and tracked for six months. One group was instructed to use saunas regularly; the other group abstained. At the end of the study the sauna group had contracted fewer colds.

“This was found particularly during the last three months of the study period, when the incidence was roughly halved compared to controls,” the scientists wrote.
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