Before you go ahead and purchase your FAR Infrared Sauna there’s one important aspect you need to consider, Power.


Many sauna companies fail to explain the differences in the electrical requirements of their saunas; and customers can subsequently find that their homes are not equipped for their new purchase. Here at Aqualine Saunas all our SaunaMed Infrared saunasrun on a standard 240volt (V)/13 amp (A) plug socket but you should still consider your purchase further.

The ordinary wall sockets around your home are normally connected to a ring circuit (also referred to as a ring main). The ring circuits of a domestic property supply the socket outlets and fixed appliances in the premises. Your home will normally have several ring circuits, one for each floor of the property. If you have 2 floors the downstairs plug sockets will be connected to one ring and the upstairs to a separate ring.

A single ring circuit is considered to be rated at 30amps approximately 7200 watts (W). A ring may have any number of sockets outlets connected to it and each socket outlet is normally rated at 13 amps.

To understand this better we can use the following formula “Watts (W) = Amps (A) x Voltage (V)”

Simply put the maximum power you can draw from a single 13A socket is 3120W, and the maximum from the same circuit (A circuit being a number of sockets fed through the same fuse or breaker in the main fuse box.) is 7200W.

So let’s assume that you have 3 rooms upstairs in your home, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Your upstairs lighting will not be connected to the upstairs socket ring circuit and neither will your shower.

We will also assume that both bedrooms have 2 double sockets, that’s a total of 8 single plug sockets. If you were to install this sauna in one of the bedrooms  (The maximum power draw of that sauna is 1400W) you will still have 5800W available on the upstairs ring, plenty for cordless telephones, alarm clocks and standing lighting. In theory you could run a total of 5 Aqualine single person saunas upstairs!

Furthermore our largest model 6-person Infrared Sauna uses 2800W on full power which is still well under the limit of any standard household plug socket!

Remember that if you are at all in any doubt you should contact a qualified electrician.