Our SaunaMed Infrared Saunas are constructed using various 2 types of wood; Canadian Red Cedar and Canadian Hemlock, but why?

Besides the disparity in price, there are several other key differences that are important to understand and we encourage our customers to do the research and learn the differences for themselves. Since the farming of wood is such a huge part of the sauna it should play a part in any purchasing decision.

Canadian Hemlock wood does not give off toxins, under high temperatures, which pine and Sitka wood do. The wood in our saunas has a fine grain and virtually no knots, which eliminates the chances of splinting or any rough surfaces and gives a softer feel. Hemlock is known for its natural strength and durability; it is naturally resistant to decay therefore ideal for sauna uses. Its longevity is 300 -1000 years, most other woods average 200 years. Hemlock is commonly used for bridge timbers, house sills; the grain patterns are dramatically beautiful so it is prized as material for flooring, panelling and trim. Hemlock is a strong, safe, very attractive and has an even grained wood texture.

Canadian Cedar wood gives off a pleasant aroma that can also have a therapeutic effect, as shown by thousands of years of tradition. Cedar wood has been used throughout the ages by various races. The first documented use of cedar wood oil was by the Ancient Egyptians 2000-3000 years before Christ. They used cedar wood oil in the mummification process and also made the coffin from cedar wood. The Egyptians and the Greeks used cedar wood oil to ward off infections and as an ingredient used in cosmetics. They impregnated papyrus leaves with it to repel insects.

Early Europeans used cedar wood oil to help heal the sick and to prevent outbreaks of disease. The English herbalists Nicholas Culpepper, had observed that cedar wood was a remedy for heart failure, coughs, shortness of breath, tuberculosis and menstruation. American Indians seemed to have used cedar wood oil for almost any health condition. When used for burning, cedar wood strengthens and harmonises, while the essential oil has a calming and soothing effect on nervous stress. The Indians used cedar wood for all respiratory problems as well as for arthritis, rashes and menstrual pain.

Below is a quick summary of the pro’s and con’s of each wood. We hope that this information will be of use to you and aid you in your choice. Don’t forget if you’re still not sure which wood would be right for you give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

Hemlock Wood Saunas

Light colour wood
Wood comes from the Canadian hemlock tree
Lower in price
Slight natural wood aroma

Cedar Wood Saunas

Dark colour
Wood from the Canadian cedar tree
Natural cedar aroma
May cause allergic reaction in sensitive persons