Welcome to the Aqualine Saunas Blog. To compliment our website we’ve added a blog for our customers. Here we’ll be bringing you inside information on our business along with all the latest products and advancements in the sauna industry and in sauna technology.

We’ll be writing guides to aid you in your search for the perfect infrared sauna ortraditional saunas and to provide you with handy tips enabling you to get the most from your sauna.

We want to give you a real insight into our products and will be showing you how our saunas are meticulously hand crafted just for you.

Everyone who writes on the Aqualine Saunas blog are employees of Aqualine, independent writers or customers. We don’t want to preach, toe the company line, or churn out corporate monologue so we’ll be inviting past customers to write reviews on the products they’ve purchased from us. You will also be able to comment on our posts and be offered the chance to leave your own posts.

From time to time customers ask questions that we think you might find useful. We’ll answer them here for you all to see.
Check back soon for further updates.