The winter months are fast approaching and after a fairly warm summer the temperatures are going to start dropping.

In countries such as Finland and Iceland saunas are very popular in the winter months, nearly everybody has one.

Here, saunas are often perceived as middle class, antiquiated or even a luxury. The reality is that the sauna is a useful tool in cold weather climates; and as we spend most of our time wrapped up with heating on the reality is everyone in the UK should own a sauna.

Stepping into a sauna is a fantastic experience, they warm the core of your body and leaving you with a warm glow that can last for hours. Prefect for banishing those winter blues!

Saunas are now more affordable than every before and cheap to run. The best option to go for if your budget permits it is a Traditional Finnish Steam Sauna as these delivery temperatures over 100C.

Infrared saunas are the popular alternative and while they don’t reach the temperatures of a traditional sauna they have a variety of extra benefits. They are often smaller, cheaper to purchase, run and warm up faster than their traditional counterparts.

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