Jan 17

We are excited to announce the arrival of the beautifully crafted range of Rondium Infrared sauna to the UK sauna market.

Aqualine has once again raised the bar by bringing the latest in Finnish sauna design to the UK. We are proud to be the only UK based retailer offering the very latest Harvia products including the all new ‘Solide’ range and now our latest addition, the Rondium Infrared.

In a league all of its own, the Rondium is a future design classic in the making. Hand-crafted from the highest quality Scandinavian timbers delicately finished with elegantly curved glass and striking stainless steel to create, quite possibly, the best looking infrared sauna available today.

Inside, the walls and ceiling are made from aspen which is a knotless, light-toned hardwood which has been chosen specifically for its durability and bright consistent finish. The benches, backrests and edgings are also made from aspen with thermally treated decorations which give the interior design of the Rondium its exclusive ‘two-tone’ appearance. This heat-treating process not only increases the durability of the timbers but also adds colour and character to the sauna interior whilst imbuing the wood with a sweet and smoky aroma.

The attention to detail in every handmade Rondium sauna must be seen to be believed. To help the sauna integrate into your existing décor, you can choose between alder, aspen or heat treated aspen for the exterior wall panelling. As well as being a perfect home sauna, the illuminated steel canopy, curved glass corner entrance, and the simple hassle free operation make the Rondium a perfect fit for any underutilised corner of a commercial spa or gym.

Like any other Infrared sauna, the Rondium will help you unwind, relax your muscles, lower your stress levels, detoxify your body and burn calories; but like any item of furniture that you carefully select for your home, your sauna should be more than merely functional. Why not enhance these positive effects on your body and mind by getting a sauna that can improve your mood simply by looking at the sheer beauty of its design?

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Jan 17

A year after publishing a 20-year study that linked regular sauna use to longer life and improved cardiovascular health, the University of Eastern Finland have now published a new piece of research from the same sample group of Finnish men who took part in the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Study (KIHD). This latest research is now associating regular sauna bathers with a 66% lower risk of dementia.

Like the previous study, this latest set of results also took two decades to produce as KIHD researchers monitored the sauna habits of over 2300 men of middle age. The study assigned the participants into three categories, grouping them by high, average and below average saunas usage by Finnish standards. Men who visited a sauna between four and seven times per week were found to be two-thirds less likely to receive a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease than those who used a sauna just once a week. Across the study overall the trend was clear, the more you frequent the sauna, the lower the risk.

Last year, the results from the KIHD found that the risk of fatal heart disease was 22% lower and the risk of death caused by a stroke was 27% lower in regular saunas users leading medical professionals to recommend using a sauna as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is unclear whether the reasons for these findings are related to other known health benefits from saunas such as reduced blood pressure and improved circulation, or whether taking time out to relax, de-stress and rest the mind on a regular basis also has some part to play.

Here in the UK, a person who uses a sauna once a week would be considered a regular visitor, however, the culture in Finland is such that virtually all Finns have easy access to a sauna and they make sure they set aside the time to use it several times a week. Some employers have even installed saunas in the workplace for their employees. As a nation of 5.5 million people, there are 3.3 million saunas most of which are in people’s homes.

Perhaps the best new year’s resolution we could all make this year would be to take heed from our Finnish friends and choose to make time for rest and relaxation?


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Oct 16

We’ve listened to the valuable feedback you gave us about how we could improve our delivery service. After consulting with our couriers and valued clients, the team at Aqualine are pleased to announce that we are now offering a two person delivery service as standard for all SaunaMed saunas.

There are no hidden charges and this upgrade is included in the same great value SaunaMed prices as before. Our experienced and friendly Transmec delivery teams will bring the sauna into your home and carefully take each package into any room in the house.

Our sauna delivery teams are also experienced in assembling furniture and gym equipment. If you would like us to build the sauna for you so that you can use it right away, that’s no problem! Simply call us to upgrade your delivery to include our new sauna installation service from £149. We will even take away the packaging for you!


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Sep 16

Regular users of Traditional Finnish Saunas will know that it can take a lot of energy and time to get your sauna up to temperature.

Enter the all new Harvia Forte, a heat storing insulated sauna heater which can heat a sauna room up to full temperature in just a few minutes flat!

Forte sauna heaters don’t work like any other sauna heater, they run at a comparatively low power output and store the heat ready for you to lift the lid and release the warmth stored inside.

If you use your sauna regularly, it is more energy efficient to leave this heater running than it is to heat it up a regular heater from scratch, just like a hot tub which runs quietly in the background waiting for somebody to take a dip!

This revolutionary sauna heater is perfect for a family sauna which needs to be ready to go at a moments notice or for a light commercial sauna such as a holiday let, gym or hotel where users expect the sauna to be ready to use, but bathers only visit it intermittently.

Now you can have a hot sauna ready in just a few moments without keeping the heater on indefinitely!


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Sep 16

Choosing the right sauna heater can be a confusing business. First, you have to think about how much heat you need to produce to get your sauna up to temperature, consider how the heater will fit into the space available, and pick a heater that compliments the interior design of your sauna.

With the help of our expert advice, you will find it easy to get over these initial hurdles and we can then help you think about what else you can do to make the most of your new sauna.

For example, a ‘Combi’ sauna heater gives you much more functionality, it has a built in steamer unit separate from the main sauna heater which allows you to accurately adjust the amount of steam and humidity in the room and introduce fragrance and aromas to enhance your sauna experience.

If you are torn between buying a sauna or a steam room, this may be the perfect compromise to get the best of both worlds! Combi heaters can act as a traditional Finnish  sauna, steam sauna, Herbal sauna or as a fragrant sauna all with one heater!

Combi heaters have the same elegant design as a normal sauna heater and to the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell them apart. The telltale sign of a combi sauna heater is  a small steam grate next to the sauna stones, this is where the steam emanates from and is the perfect place to position a pouch of aromatic herbal sauna essence. Another big giveaway is a soapstone bowl positioned on the grate which is designed to hold liquid fragrances.

All combi sauna heaters have an internal water tank, some combi sauna heaters can be automatically filled by a pipe connected to your water supply and some models are filled manually which is helpful if there are no cold water feeds nearby.

Aqualine offers the largest  range of Combi Sauna Heaters in the UK and our helpful sauna experts will be only too happy to talk you through the range to find you the perfect model.

combi-sauna-heater-1 combi-sauna-heater-2

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Aug 16


Harvia duo

So, you’re looking for a wood burning sauna heater and wondering which one is right for you?

Aqualine are here to help. Our friendly and experienced team can talk you through our extensive range of Harvia sauna heaters and stoves to find you the perfect match.

Here’s a few of our more unusual wood burning sauna heaters that warrant a proper explanation.

Harvia ‘Duo’ heaters are more than just a sauna heater; they also double up as a fireplace in the next room! Harvia Duo sauna heaters feature an elongated 130mm aperture designed to allow the front of the sauna to pass through an internal wall. This means the sauna heater and stones can be heating up the sauna, meanwhile, you can be relaxing in the warm glow of the fireplace in the room next door before or after you use the sauna.

This may be useful in a cabin sauna if you want to have an outdoor seating area with a warm fireplace for those cool summer nights, or you may wish to have the sauna fireplace facing onto a changing area or relax room in another part of your summer house. Perhaps at home, you’ve always wanted a traditional wood burning sauna and a wood burning stove for the family room, but couldn’t justify having both? Now you can, with Harvia ‘Duo’.

Some Harvia heaters such as the ES Pro, Premium VS and the Pro S are fitted with an internal 20-litre water tank, this means that while you are heating up the sauna stones you can also be preparing hot water at the same time for cooking or drinks. After all, what could be better than a cup of tea, coffee or herbal blend after a sauna?

Perhaps you have a summer house or cabin which doesn’t have easy access to other forms of hot water heating, this could be a great way to make the most of the energy produced by the sauna on those cold winter days.  You can also use the hot water to create an extra steamy sauna experience as the heated water will evaporate much quicker allowing you to quickly increase the sauna humidity without cooling down the coals.PremiumVSHarvia Legend 300 Duo

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Aug 16


Michael Mosley in a hot bath


This month the BBC’s award-winning documentary maker and science journalist, Dr. Mike Mosley, took part in an experiment to test the benefits of heat therapy versus exercise. The experiment was prompted by a 2015 medical study in Finland which showed that regular sauna usage can not only improve your cardiovascular health but also reduce the risk of associated cardiovascular diseases and even extend your overall lifespan. Mike put together a group of volunteers to test out the theory for the 2016 Summer special of ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’ on BBC2.


The programme found that the body’s energy expenditure increase by 80% during the experiment, which as you might expect equates to calories burnt. In fact, the average participant burnt 140 calories per hour, the equivalent of a brisk 30-minute walk!


Perhaps more surprisingly was the effect that the heat therapy had on the subject’s blood sugar levels. The peak blood sugar in the test subjects was 10% lower after the heat therapy then than it was after a corresponding amount of exercise. So although more calories were burned on the treadmill, the effect that the heat therapy had on glucose levels was more beneficial than the effect of the exercise, this is relevant as prolonged high peaks in blood sugar increase the risk of illnesses such as type two diabetes.


Mike believes this is because the heat therapy keeps the muscles more consistently at a higher temperature than during exercise. This leads to as a greater amount of heat shock proteins being released into the blood which in turn helps to remove sugars from the bloodstream and absorbs them within the muscle.


Compared with an hour spent cycling or on a treadmill, I know which part of the experiment I’d rather be doing!


Read the full BBC Magazine article here or catch-up with the ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ Summer Special 2016 on the BBC IPlayer.



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Jul 16

We’ve been doing some belated spring cleaning here at Aqualine and we’ve found a few saunas hiding at the back of the warehouse.

Some of these saunas are pre-loved and some of them have some minor damage to the packaging but we’re sure they are all fundamentally sound.

We carry spare parts for our whole range so if any issues are identified by the buyer, we can quickly dispatch spare parts with no additional charge.

So why not take a look at our new Aqualine clearance page and see if we have something for you!



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Jun 16



HARVIA solide

Here at Aqualine we are really excited to be bringing you the latest in Finnish Sauna design, The all new Harvia ‘Solide’ range.

Harvia Solide is a massive step forward in sauna innovation and design. No longer can an outdoor sauna be mistaken by the untrained eye for a summerhouse or potting shed!

In developing the Solide range, Harvia have struck the perfect balance between the tried and tested concept of a classic traditional sauna and a new, minimalist, yet strikingly modern sauna design using extra thick spruce throughout.

The outdoor version is heated by a wood burning stove with exposed sauna stones and a fireplace on the other side, perfect for sitting out on the sauna terrace in a summer evening whist being sheltered from the elements by the Solide’s overhanging roof. The larger models even have enough space for a hot tub on the terrace and feature relax rooms adjacent to the sauna.

The indoor variants ticks all the right boxes with the same stylish minimalist design and looks absolutely stunning in any modern home.

Indoor Solide

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May 16




This is probably the most frequent question we get asked here at Aqualine, Traditional or Infrared Saunas, which is best?

The answer to this depends on why you are thinking of purchasing a sauna in the first place and how you intend to use it as part of your routine.

Infrared Saunas heat the cabin very differently to traditional saunas and use less electricity. In a Traditional sauna, a large ‘focal point’ heater super-charges the air with convected heat from the sauna stones which you then douse with water, creating a relaxing steam sauna environment. In comparison, Infrared Sauna heaters are evenly spaced all around the sauna cabin and radiate heat directly to your skin as well as heating the air around you. When you step into an Infrared Sauna you aren’t hit by that sudden wave of heat, it feels more like sitting out in the sunshine on a hot summers day.

Because of the different heating methods, the Infrared Saunas reach a usable temperature within 5 -10 minutes and run at up to 65 degrees whereas a Traditional Sauna can get up to 80 or even 90 degrees but can take up to 30 – 40 minutes to reach their maximum temperature.

Both types of sauna offer health benefits to regular users, although more have been reported with Infrared Saunas because the healing infrared rays penetrate up to 4cm deep into the body. This is better for detoxification and muscular pain, I find that even at the lower temperatures, I perspire more in an Infrared Sauna than I do in a Traditional Sauna.

Some people prefer the feeling and higher temperatures that come from a traditional sauna heater. Traditional Saunas retain their heat much better and are therefore more suited to continuous use in a gym or spa for example.

Personally, I find that the sizzle and steam from the sauna stones is the most relaxing part of the sauna experience.

That being said, I find that I can spend a lot longer in my Infrared Sauna because the air around me is cooler and easier to breathe, add to this the quicker warm up time and you have the perfect sauna to fit into even the busiest of daily routines.

It’s all about personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer to this question, both types of saunas have their up-sides but I’d say if you want a sauna to relax in occasionally with friends and family, choose a Traditional Sauna. If you want an everyday sauna as part of your health, weight loss or exercise regimen, I’d recommend an Infrared Sauna.

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