SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™

SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™
SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™ SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™ back SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™ SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™ SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™ SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™ SaunaMed 3 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™
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This family sized sauna can accommodate up to 3 people with ease, allowing all of the family to enjoy and relax together.


Top features

  • Perfect for couples who love their luxuries
  • Easily assembled in less than 30 minutes
  • Comes flat packed in 2 boxes
  • Includes more than 10 certifications
  • All accessories included in price
  • Exclusive SaunaMed™ design


120 x 100 x 190 (cm)

Assembled Weight

115 kg


2 Person

  • Finest grade non-allergenic / non-toxic Canadian hemlock
  • Hand crafted
  • Invisible full interlocked EZ™ connection
  • Simply click together for rapid assembly
  • Solid tongue-and-groove construction
  • Stands slightly off the floor (Protects flooring and allows air circulation)
  • Tempered and toughened safety glass windows
  • Magnetic door lock


Control System

  • State of the art digital control panel
  • Advanced internal thermostat
  • Automatic timer function
  • Control from inside and out


  • Top specification MP3/FM stereo
  • Ipod connectivity
  • High quality TEAC speakers fitted
  • Air oxygen ioniser system
  • Adjustable air vent
  • Aromatherapy fragrance dispenser
  • Internal drinks holder
  • Reading light
  • Comfortable ergonomic backrest
  • Tools and all parts included for assembly
  • Stainless steel tubular conduits already in place for electric cables
  • Extra long 3m power cable from roof section
  • Users manual
  • Troubleshooting guide
More Information
Dimensions 150 x 120 x 190 (cm)
Brand No
Generator Power (kW) No
Heater Power (kW) 2kW
Number of Seats 3
Weight 140 kg
Features Premium Oxygen Ioniser
Canopy No
Wood Type Hemlock
Warranty 2 year electrical warranty 5 year cabin warranty
Size 150 x 120 x 190 (cm)
Capacity 3 Person
Material Finest grade A non-allergenic / non-toxic Canadian hemlock
Construction Hand crafted double wall construction with cavity (Invisible full interlocked EZ™ connection)
Glass Tempered and toughened safety glass windows
Heating Technology DuraWave™ EMR Neutral 100% pure FAR infrared ceramic heaters - Lava Sand filled
No. of Heaters 6
Power Up to 2100W
Music System Top specification iPod/MP3/AUX/USB/AM/FM flat panel media system
Colour Therapy No
Oxygen Ionizer Standard domestic system
Aromatherapy Yes
Reading Light Yes
Ergonomic Backrest Yes
Heater/Steam generator model N/A
Maximum seated capacity 3
Acrylic N/A
Tiled XPS N/A
Built in shower unit N/A

What about delivery?

We know that one of the biggest concerns regarding purchases is the reliability of the courier that delivers your order to your door.

We have the ultimate delivery service...

Not only do we deliver in 3-5 working days, we have dedicated drivers to ensure that your sauna arrives safely in one piece. We can also offer next day delivery in most cases. As part of the high quality service, our driver will allow you time to check for any damage before asking you to sign for the goods.

All our SaunaMed Infrared Saunas are delivered on an oversized pallet, this minimises the risk of damage occurring during transit. The delivery driver will move the pallet as close to your property as possible. Please note we cannot deliver over gravel or grass. You will be responsible for moving the packaging inside, as some of the larger models can be quite heavy we would recommend that you arrange to have assistance from a friend or family member.

You will be advised on the delivery date via email soon after checkout of your order, which will be delivered in 3-5 working days.

Every effort will be made to deliver the goods as soon as possible after your order has been accepted. However, we will inform you of any delay as soon as possible and will give you the option of cancelling your order at this point.

Delivery to UK islands and Ireland will take a little longer as we have to organise a special off shore trip.

Please note that as our traditional saunas come direct from Finland they can take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Orders for SaunaMed Infrared Saunas are processed the same day.

Details on our delivery procedure can be found below.

1) Aqualine Saunas receive your order.

2) The order details are checked and passed to our warehouse for dispatch.

3) Your order is picked and marked for dispatch.

4) Once the order has been marked ready for dispatch, our delivery team will route your order for delivery over the next 2 – 3 days and call you advising of the delivery date.

Under normal conditions when the goods are in stock, and your order is received before 3pm our delivery team will mark the sauna for dispatch the same day.

However most of the vehicle routing may have already taken place by then so orders are preferred before 12 noon as a vehicle may have already been routed for that area.

Next day delivery is available and is charged at £90 per sauna. Please contact us if you require this option.

Can I have my item delivered to a different address?

Please understand that for fraud prevention purposes, we can only deliver to the cardholders registered address.
However, if you would like delivery to an alternative address, you can contact your bank to add additional address to your account, which will then pass our address verification process.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Our delivery service covers all of mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Dublin, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight. We do also use independent carriers to deliver to most of Europe. All delivery charges are automatically calculated at checkout. Delivery times overseas do take longer than our two-man delivery service, assistance will also be required for offloading.
We are so confident in the quality of our products and that you will be satisfied, so if you are not happy with any aspect of your sauna when it is arrives, you can send it back for a full refund.

Are they easy to assemble?

Yes, it should take about thirty minutes. We provide you with an easy to read ‘step by step’ manual. Our saunas arrive flat packed in 2 large boxes, this also makes it easier to take with you if you ever decide to move house. All wall sections are made to fit together precisely, this ensures that our infrared saunas are very rigid and have a solid construction. Tools are also included at no extra cost.

Do I need an Electrician?

An electrician is not required as our saunas simply plug into any household power point, they are delivered to you in kit-form and all wiring and accessories are already in place.

Does the Sauna require any ventilation or plumbing?

The sauna cabin is self-venting and requires no plumbing. There is a sliding vent to control the exhaust of hot air and the unit stands off the floor on 4 cleverly designed supports so no further venting is required and your floor remains protected.

Is it difficult to assemble the sauna in a restricted area such as a loft or basement?

SaunaMed saunas are supplied flat packed for assembly on site. Providing you can get the panels through any loft door etc. there will be no difficulty to assemble the cabin. By using advanced Far Infrared technology a SaunaMed sauna can be installed in any room (even on carpet) and only requires a standard 13 Amp plug socket. Unlike old style steam saunas there is no need for venting, special wiring or special flooring. Your spare room, conservatory, garage or any spare space can become a centre for relaxation and wellness.

Can the sauna be used outdoors?

Only if installed in a garden building such as a summer house or a shed.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes we do offer installation, however this is an extra service. As our saunas are packed flat, they are transported and moved around the home easily, they are easily assembled and include clear simple instructions. This means that we do not charge you extra for things you can easily assemble on your own. So for his reason most of our customers choose to do this job themselves. If you would like to add assembly to your order please contact customer services.

How much clearance is required?

We recommend a clearance of 15cm from the roof of the sauna. This means that we would recommend installing the sauna with a minimum height of 205cm.
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