Harvia ATV Mobile Sauna comes to the UK!

We hope that you have enjoyed using our all new website this week, we have one more surprise for you!


Meet the ultimate novelty item in Sauna design, the Harvia ATV mobile sauna, now available in the UK for the first time!


For those of you who are feeling adventurous, the Harvia ATV Sauna allows you to enjoy sauna bathing in the most inaccessible of places. The Finns wouldn't be without their sauna on holiday and neither should you! The Harvia ATV is easy to transport on and off road on a trailer behind your vehicle. The Sauna itself comes with a Harvia M3 SL wood burning stove for the ultimate traditional Finnish sauna experience!


Like something straight out of a Top Gear challenge, our friends at Harvia put the ATV through its paces and way beyond! Check out in this video!