Traditional Finnish Steam Saunas

Traditional Finnish Steam Saunas

Traditional Finnish Steam Saunas

Genuine Traditional Finnish Saunas - the choice of professionals

Traditional saunas, also known as Finnish saunas, conventional saunas or steam saunas can be traced long back in ancient history from the Greeks, Romans and of course the Scandinavians.

At its core, a traditional sauna room utilizes a conventional sauna heater containing sauna stones to heat the space and allow the bather to control the environment within the Finnish sauna. The climate within a traditional steam sauna is adjustable through a thermostatic temperature control, as well as through the ability to pour water over the hot stones to create bursts of steam, which significantly elevates the humidity inside the finnish sauna room.

A traditional steam sauna kit is exceptionally easy to assemble and maintain, and although slightly more expensive to operate than an infrared sauna, still very cost effective. The addition of a traditional sauna to a home, office or other commercial space such as a health club provides not only a simple luxury, but also considerable advantages to health and relaxation. Bathing in a traditional steam sauna opens pores and cleanses the skin through perspiration, and relieves sinus and respiratory conditions through the breathing in of heat and steam. A traditional steam sauna also increases the metabolic rate, which boosts the immune system and improves cardiovascular circulation. In addition, the high heat of a traditional sauna can relieve the aches and pains caused by arthritis and minor musculoskeletal injuries, and promote relaxation and the reduction of stress, which is now known to be paramount to good overall health and well being.

Genuine traditional Finnish saunas from Harvia. Our full range of traditional saunas are classed as high end commercial units and are suitable for either home or professional use.

All of our Harvia saunas are manufactured in the heart of Finland which is considered the genuine capital of sauna and spa culture. As a result Aqualine are unique in the fact we offer genuine authentic Finnish saunas designed and manufactured in Finland.

Our Traditional Saunas provide the genuine 'hard' heat of a Finnish sauna. Our traditional saunas offer all the health benefits of our infrared models - with an extra touch of Finnish authenticity for pure sauna enthusiasts. With a 'hard heat' Finnish sauna, you'll experience the sensations of a centuries-old European health experience at a price you simply won't believe.

Transparent Pricing

We are also one of the first sauna companies to lay out our full pricing online for our high end and commercial units. Many other companies in this sector will first gauge how much your budget is and how much you are worth and then charge appropriately. We use fair pricing and do not give special rates to different customers so that everybody gets a fair deal and a great price. This also proves that we do not use pushy sales teams.