Why do New Year’s resolutions always have to be something of a chore? Surely there must be a better way of improving our health and wellbeing?

Typically, we give up on our New Year’s resolutions far too early and find ourselves slightly less healthy and feeling less motivated each time the 1st of January appears on our calendars.

I’m speaking from experience here; last year I gave up caffeine for a week. The year before that I dragged myself into the drizzling darkness for a run along the canal at least twice before calling it a day.

This year I’m more determined than ever to improve my health and wellbeing, but I know myself, it has to be something I actually want to do if I’m going to make it a successful endeavour.

I started my new career at Aqualine in December and I was amazed to quickly discover how beneficial regular Infrared Sauna use can be for your health and wellbeing. I had no idea that Infrared Saunas can remove more than six times more toxins from your body and make you sweat more than the traditional dry hot air saunas, the kind we’ve all used in hotels and gyms in the past. Crucially, it’s that sweating that burns the calories, usually between 300 and 600 per 30-minute session.

I’m not saying Infrared Saunas offer a miracle cure, but the list of health benefits is extensive and backed by independent medical studies. Increasingly athletes are including Infrared Saunas in their training regimens and NASA originally developed the technology to keep their astronauts healthy in space!

Like most people I was under the impression that all Saunas are the same, I mean, a Sauna is a Sauna is a Sauna right? Wrong! To own an Infrared Sauna, you don’t need to live in a palatial mansion or even have a dedicated room. You don’t need a plumber or an electrician and they come with a normal household plug. Infrared Saunas heat up in just a few minutes and are eco-friendly, using several times less electricity than a traditional sauna.

So, if like me you are a reluctant gym member who renews out of guilt every January, why not spend the money on a brand new luxurious infrared Sauna this year instead? After all, you can always go back to the gym next January!