Dr Peter Attia is a Canadian doctor, who has received notoriety for his work on health and longevity, and he has identified sauna bathing as a beneficial practice for boosting vitality. Through Dr Attia’s exploration of the available research on the benefits of sauna use, he has produced some recommendations on how best to use sauna bathing to maximise health and longevity.

Dr Peter Attia believes that the benefits seen with saunas may be very similar to the benefits seen with exercise, and explains that the data is robust in support of heat therapy. Dr Attia advises that dry saunas are used for 20 minutes or more, four times a week, at 80 degrees Celsius.

This is why it is extremely convenient and beneficial to have a home sauna, because it allows you pretty much constant access to heat therapy, and the benefits it provides.

Dr Attia explains that sauna activity seems to mimic cardio vascular activity, perhaps partly because sauna bathing increases your heartbeat up to 150 beats per minute. What if having a home sauna is the equivalent to having a home gym, but more relaxing, and uses less space? Is sauna bathing a workout without actually having to work out? Whatever the reason, the benefits of sauna bathing are becoming impossible to deny.