Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna

Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna
Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna Harvia Olympus Indoor Sauna
Harvia Indoor Solide Sauna 2085 x 2415

Harvia Indoor Solide Sauna 2085 x 2415

Harvia Block Sauna Cabin

Harvia Block Indoor Sauna Cabin 1620 (2000 x 1600)

Harvia Code: 4020830
In Stock - Delivery 4 - 6 weeks

Harvia Olympus 2x2 is a modern indoor sauna cabin made of solid wood.

  • 6 - 8 person
  • Beautiful glass front and natural materials create warm ambiance
  • Ready made Harvia sauna
  • Includes Linden sauna interior and LED-lighting
  • Easy installation


Delivery: Delivery expected between 6 - 8 weeks

The New Harvia Olympus Sauna is a spacious indoor design and can seat up to eight people.

The wide, opposite-facing full-length upper benches accommodate four persons each. In addition, the movable lower benches can be pushed together to create a raised platform below the upper benches. The lower bench platform can also be used as a “cool-down” bench since the air temperature is lower toward the floor of the sauna. Thick, Nordic timber is used in the construction of the Olympus, and all wall and roof sections connect using a tongue and groove design that allows the planks to fit precisely together. The Olympus is a beautiful indoor sauna that adds function and style to your home.

Constructed from Nordic spruce, the Olympus features 1-1/2” wall and roof sections, providing exceptional heat retention. The front wall is constructed of ¼” tempered glass, and the stainless steel hinges and hardware are resistant to rust and corrosion. The benches are built from clear aspen lumber profiles that have slightly rounded edges, subsequently providing maximum comfort when relaxing in the sauna.

Includes RGW LED Lighting

Heater Not Included - Please see our recommended Add-Ons or contact us for assistance

Indoor placement

1-1/2” solid Nordic spruce plank construction

Tongue-and-groove fit of all wall and roof panels

24” long Linden door handle

Linden benches

Movable lower benches for configuration flexibility

Easy construction for 2 people

Stainless steel hardware throughout

Full glass front wall panel

Tempered door and window glass

Capacity: 6-8 persons

Exterior dimensions: 84”W x 80”D x 81”H

Interior dimensions: 79”W x 76”D x 79”H

Upper bench size (x2): 75”L x 24″W

Note: All dimensions are approximate

Lower bench size (x2): 75”L x 25″W, 75”L x 17″W

Combined lower bench platform: 75” x 42″W

Door size: 23”W x 77″H

Window size (x2): 24”W x 77”H

Shipping dimensions: 80″L x 47″W x 48″H

Shipping weight: 1,295 lbs